21st March 2018 

Ian Begg Architect Retired. Plockton North West Highlands

Ian Begg passed away on 23rd November 2017. This website will close down on 08th April 2018. Thanks to all who have visited and corresponded.

Over the years, I have been fascinated by the development of Scottish Architecture from the earliest times to the present day. Naturally, my architecture has to a degree reflected that interest and now I am still working to continue our architectural development in appropriate projects.

"Think Global, Act Local" is a theme first used by Patrick Geddes a long time ago. It has now become a common catch-phrase generally referring to energy and environment coming from the UN, Rio and Kyoto meetings or protocol, but it has deeper implications. Every country has a local responsibility and must be given the right to protect its culture and its people, everywhere .. Egypt, Vietnam, Ghana, France, England, and in Scotland! Protecting our culture and our traditions maintains the richness and colour of the vital diversity that people give to the world. "Vive la différence" is a phrase that all architects should understand. Of course not all will agree. I have long recognised the need for broad horizons. I worked on an archaeological dig in Shetland, laboured on a Highland road project, travelled to the United States of America , France, Norway, Italy and Switzerland while still a student. (International flying was then virtually unknown). Now I am retired I still have historical interests, in Plockton, North West Highlands of Scotland.

In the early 1970's I presented 5 programmes on BBC Television on "The Scottish House", encouraging people to enjoy our own architecture and appreciate how things fit together in time.

The objective now I am retired is not to find architectural work. Building Regulations, and Building Control, and running building contracts on site, are now beyond my capability. Rather I hope that I might be of help where appropriate, and that some discussion or dialogue might be opened on the subject of Architecture, maybe even on Neolithic Carved Stone Balls when I get further down that road I am now on.

About Me

Born: Kirkcaldy Scotland. June 1925

Qualfied: DA (Edin). FRIAS. FSA(Scot). FF Institute of Contemporary Scotland. Honorary Member of the Saltire Society. Fellow of the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland. Resigned from RIBA in 1984. Retired December 2009 but retain position as Fellow of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland

Expertise: Conservation and refurbishment of historic buildings and their settings. Traditional Scottish architecture and setting new work in context. The Scottish Tower house.

Training and Experience:
  • Kirkcaldy High School. George Bain (Celtic Art), art teacher.
  • Edinburgh College of Art.
  • Interrupted by war. (One year at Glasgow University Naval Division). Flying Training with US Navy. Pilot, Fleet Air Arm; and listened to Muggsy Spanier at Nick's Place in Greenwich Village.
  • 55 years' experience in Architecture.
  • Taught part time at several schools of architecture, notably Strathclyde School.
  • Apprenticed with Harry Hubbard (Williamson and Hubbard Architects Kirkcaldy) who had been chief assistant with Sir Robert Lorimer.
  • Joined Robert Hurd (Neil and Hurd architects,Edinburgh) in 1951. Partner, then sole partner of Robert Hurd, Architect on Robert Hurd's death in 1963. Merged with firm LA Rolland and partners in 1965. Left the firm in 1983.
  • In 1984 set up firm of Ian Begg Architect, Raymond Muszynski became a partner.
  • Name changed to Né Begg when Ian Begg left to set up small firm in Plockton to continue work of special interest 2000. Earlier firm is now Morris and Steedman Associates, Edinburgh.
  • Now, I am an architect interested in history, especially in the prehistoric Neolithic carved stone balls of Scotland, and living in the North West Highlands.